What we do

Infosoft provides talent and
builds teams to transform businesses.
We help companies expand and build capabilities, tackle ambitious projects, and drive innovation.

What we do


Infosoft provides talent and builds teams to transform businesses.

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Supplement internal talent capabilities, increase the flexibility and responsiveness of your workforce. We welcome contract to permanent employee conversions.

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Direct Hire

A high caliber of talent and a fit for your long term workforce planning objectives.

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Project Based Solutions

Design and scoped deliverables, driven to completion.

Specialized Talent

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Robotic Process Automation

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Healthcare IT

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Business Intelligence & Data Science

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Enterprise Resource Planning

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Cloud Computing

Every Company is a digital and data company in our technology driven world.

our process

Our goal is to be the industry leader in talent in our specific focus areas. Our recruiting engine enables us to broaden our focus and support clients in multiple labor categories. The labor market is broad; we know we can’t be the best in all categories. We leverage our recruiting engine to source for new unique roles continually.

We believe the future of recruiting is a combination of the scientific method leveraged through technology and personal relationships. By leveraging technology, we improve screening, increase hiring speed, cut costs, and move efficiently. Using advanced processes like data operations and microservices to deploy AI, we can automate aspects of the recruiting process.

We are Strategic Partners

Recruiting is a relationship business. Our goal is to build long term partnerships. The requirement we are working on today is important, but creating long term partnerships is important to us. In a partnership, we recognize that we have to improve continually. We understand that challenges could occur, and when they happen, we are committed to doing what it takes to move through them. We are accountable for our performance. We stay committed to helping our clients move forward with initiatives.

We further careers.

By connecting people with opportunities to demonstrate knowledge, utilize creativity and skills in new settings, we can help people continue to develop and remain satisfied professionally. We want to help our consultants reach career aspirations.

We interface with VMS’s and partner with MSP’s

We understand the value that Managed Service Providers and Vendor Management Systems provide clients. We respect your corporate governance and procurement goals.

Our scientific, data-driven well pairs well with the KPI’s and SLA’s in which MSP partners provide clients. A well functioning MSP relies on strong suppliers who support the MSP in achieving the client’s goals, and we are positioned as a key program partner. We want to be more than just another agency supporting your program. We want to be the firm you call when you need assistance. We want to partner.